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Sat. Dec 7th 2019
CONGRATS!!! toFirefighter Josue Garcia for being chosen as 2019 Fireman of the Year Award
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The Fort Stockton Volunteer Fire Department serves the citizens of Fort Stockton and the County of Pecos. Pecos County is the second largest county in the state, covering over 4,700 square miles in southwest Texas. In 2000, the population of the county was 16,809. The county seat is located in Fort Stockton. With a population of 7,846, Fort Stockton is the largest town in Pecos County. Our primary jurisdiction is the western half of the county. We go far east to Bakersfield and up north to near Imperial, and cover Coyanosa west to the county line and southward to the county line. Other communities include Bakersfield, Coyanosa, Iraan, Imperial, Sheffield, and Girvin.

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